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The Barn

Our Horses reside in a beautiful Brand new insulated 22 stall barn, that stays cool in the summers and warm in the in winters. 


All stalls are a roomy12x12 and are equipped with rubber flooring, Automatic waterers, ceramic feeders and large slow feed haynets. Each stall has large traditional Dutch windows that open to the outside and Euro style open stall front that allow each horse the freedom to stick their heads either outside or into the aisle.

There are 4 wash bays, each equipped with hot water, quartz heaters and fans.

There are two tack up/grooming stalls that also hold large cubbies that can easily accommodate all of your horses' blanketing needs.

We have two tack rooms that can fully accommodate your tack trunks, saddles, and bridles.

We offer a full bathroom with washer and dryer, separate toilet stall, and a large changing room with full sized shower.

Our Lounge holds a full sized kitchen, and over looks our covered arena for your viewing pleasure.


Parking is situated at the front of the barn and we have ample trailer parking available.


The Paddocks

Our Horses are provided private paddocks during their outdoor time. The paddocks are equipped with four rail Vinyl electric fence around the perimeter and electric poly-tape that divides the interior into varying sizes of paddocks. With this type of fencing, it is easily fixed with no broken boards, nails or screws to better ensure that no injury occurs to your horse should they decide to play with their neighbor through the fence. Fences are inspected daily and serviced as needed.  Horses are provided hay as needed and water at all times.  All paddocks have adequate space for a horse to be a horse.

The Riding Areas


Our training area consists of 3 options for cross-training and fitness!

Option #1 is our large outdoor grass jump field outfitted with a full course of new colorful aluminum jumps.

Option #2 is our covered arena that measures 80' x 150' and has premium rubber/silica sand mix footing that is dragged regularly to ensure optimal footing conditions for rider and horse.

Option #3 is our Hill Track that consists of a wide grassy lane that wraps around the edge of the property and offers rolling hills that help build fitness and strength.





Sterling Elite Sporthorses believes that nurturing a healthy, successful equine athlete starts with great nutrition.  And as such, all of our horses’ nutritional needs are addressed on an individual basis. We feed quality Bermuda grass hay in the paddocks and in the barn in slow feed haynets to ensure that your horse has access to forage 24/7. Grain is fed in the AM and PM. Supplements are fed if provided. Our Team is happy to make recommendations for enhancements to your horse's nutrition program.

Service Options and Contract

Boarding Contract with Release Form
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