Our Horses


Geolinus aka "Maverick" is a 2011 Imported KWPN gelding. 17.3hh tall. Maverick is bred on both dam and sire side to be a 1.50m to 1.60m International Showjumper. His scope, power and athletic ability knows no limits!  He has free jumped 1.60m standards with room to spare!


Maverick is an incredible athlete and will truly shine in the show ring. He has big, powerful gaits and an insane amount of charm and charisma! Due to his sheer power, Maverick is suited only for a professional looking to ride at the top levels of the sport whether it be in eventing, show jumping, or dressage.


He is very personable in the barn and would nothing more than to cuddle up to whoever is willing to share the love!


La Vie Est Belle aka "Livvie" is a 2017 Westfalen filly. She is expected to mature to 16.2+hh tall. Primarily Holsteiner bred, Livvie's pedigree boasts grand prix showjumpers on both sides.


Livvie is Staci's first homebred and as such has some pretty lofty goals set for her. She is scheduled to be started under saddle in the spring of 2020. Staci prays that Livvie will be competitive to the grand prix ring in Showjumping but only time will tell!


Greygoose PF is known as "Goose" by everyone. He is a 2013 gray Quarter Horse Gelding that stands 16hh tall. Goose is owned by Sintia Raday and together they have truly proven to be an unbeatable force in the jumper ring. Goose has shown enough scope and power to make 1.10m look easy and has schooled up to 1.20m oxers like it was child's play. He is quick and has an incomparable ability to make the impossible turns that always has him winning in the jump-off. We truly look forward to seeing what he can accomplish in the future.