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Geolinus "Maverick"


Congratulations Sarah Veilleux of Las Vegas, NV

Geolinus aka "Maverick" is a 2011 Imported KWPN gelding. 17.3hh tall. Maverick is bred on both dam and sire side to be a 1.50m to 1.60m International Showjumper. His scope, power and athletic ability knows no limits!  He has free jumped 1.60m standards with room to spare!


Maverick is an incredible athlete and will truly shine in the show ring. He has big, powerful gaits and an insane amount of charm and charisma! Due to his sheer power, Maverick is suited only for a professional looking to ride at the top levels of the sport whether it be in eventing, show jumping, or dressage.


He is very personable in the barn and would nothing more than to cuddle up to whoever is willing to share the love!

Maverick is available for sale at a very reasonable price to the right home.


Donnabella8 "Azura"


Congratulations Debra and Sophie Bonenclark of Ocala, FL

Donnabella8 is known around the barn as "Azura".

She is a 2007 Imported Oldenburg GOV mare. 16.2hh tall. Azura has an incredible amount of charisma and presence. Everywhere she goes, people stop what they are doing to watch her go around the ring!  She has big, floaty gaits that serve her well in whatever ring she's competing. She is tolerant enough for an amateur but fancy enough for a Professional to campaign!


She is a solid 3rd Level Dressage horse and is very easily schooling upper-level movements, such as collection, passage, piaffe, extension, half pass, pirouette, shoulder-in, ranvers, and travers.


Azura has recently been debuted in the Hunter and Equitation ring and she seems to love the quiet pace. With her scope and style, she could be very competitive in the Big EQ and Hunter Derby rings!


While she has experience in the jumpers to the 1.40m level, Azura seems to much prefer to win with an amateur at the lower levels.




Congratulations Anne Marie Woodworth of Doylestown, PA

Reverie or "Rev" is a 2014 Warmblood Mare at16.3hh tall. Rev is big, beautiful and elegant! She is a sweet mare that has an awesome work ethic! She has smooth comfortable gaits that will never unseat a rider.


Multi-talented, Rev can go literally in any direction! She is tolerant and safe enough for an educated amateur to bring along but fancy enough for a trainer to develop.


Rev has schooled up to 1.0m at home and shown to 2'6. She has the scope for 1.20m+! And can go into Dressage, Eventing, or you slow her down for the Hunters!


Reverie has done local schooling shows and performs like a rockstar. She loves to show and is definitely ready for the rated circuits! The sky is truly the only limit for this sweet girl!


Piano 50 "Vivaldi"


Congratulations MaryAnn Dugan of Lexington, Kentucky

He is a 2008 imported Westfalen gelding. 17.1hh tall. Vivaldi is a tall, elegant and handsome gentleman. He is a pleasure to have in the barn with his quiet, gentle demeanor. He has nice, easy to sit gaits and a canter to write sonnets about! He goes nicely in a soft happy mouth snaffle and tends to be a bit of a kick ride.

Vivaldi has experience to 1.30m jumpers and many miles in the jumper ring with an amateur at the lower levels. He boasts a consistent and adjustable stride that is super easy to find the distance to a jump and if you don't he'll chip all day for you.


Vivaldi is truly a versatile horse. He is happy to take an amateur around the crossrails and then step into the 1.20m with a more advanced rider. He is a solid 1st level dressage and could easily go show in the Big EQ ring with his comfortable and careful jump.


Ticketoutofhere "Ticket"


Congratulations Tricia & Ron Foster of Covington, GA.

16.0HH 2012 dappled gray Thoroughbred Mare. Quiet! Sweet! Easy! Auto! Brave! Forgiving! Honest! No Spook! Hack winner! I can go on and on! Anyone can ride this lovely mare! Perfect for a kid coming off a pony. Perfect for an adult amateur that wants a fun, easy ride. Perfect for someone ambitious that wants a winning Hunter ride.


Ticket has local schooling show experience and wins champion every time out! Ready for rated shows under any kind of rider!


Crossrails to 2'6 confirmed and she's schooling bigger jumps now!


Ticket is as sweet as the day is long and is so easy a monkey could take her around a course! Completely auto changes and very adjustable canter strides. Ticket is neither a kick ride nor is she a pull ride, she falls perfectly in the middle! Ticket would make an amazing first horse or someone's forever horse!


Stormy Red "Rouge"


Congratulations Courtney Macon of Talladega, 

2015 OTTB mare. She stands at 16hh tall. Rouge was trained for the racetrack and raced once as a three-year-old and then was retired sound.


Rouge is a very nicely put together mare with three beautiful and balanced gaits. She is happily barefoot and very sound. She is a sweetheart in the barn and though still young with lots to learn, she has proven her herself to want to be a good partner. Rouge has an incredible work ethic, a limitless amount of try and bravery, and

no quit.


Rouge has several months retraining in dressage and jumping in the summer of 2018 including trail and schooling show experience. She was then let out to pasture to be "let down" and act as an older sister to Staci's two-year-old Westfalen filly.


Rouge is a multi talented young prospect and can go in many different directions. Show jumping, eventing, or dressage seem to suit her best. Rouge is looking for an experienced ambitious rider that has retrained OTTBs before. A good home is a priority.

Revealing Moment "Bentley"


Congratulations Anne Updegraff of Des Moines, Iowa

2009 17.3 HH Warmblood Gelding.
Bentley is truly the perfect package. Big, Black, and stunning with a gentlemanly sweet personality (both in the saddle and on the ground). He is truly a Cadillac ride with very comfortable gaits and impeccable balance and manners. He is currently ridden by female riders and hacks around lovely with the owners petite 13 year old daughter; he's soft, responsive, polite and easy to ride.

Bentley is currently schooling 1.20-1.30m at home and successfully showing to 1.15m. He is brave and easy with no stop, auto changes, and goes everywhere in a snaffle. He shows scope in the free jump shoot to 1.50m, so he is full of potential and in the right training program will go far.

Bentley is also an incredible dressage horse and could step into the show ring tomorrow at 2nd/3rd level and would be a wonderful horse to take someone up the ranks to achieve a USDF bronze and/or silver medal.
Bentley would be an incredible asset to anyone looking to rise up the levels or would be a perfect family horse for all levels.




Congratulations to Mia Dunford of Hernando, MS 

Ladonna is a 2015 Pinto warmblood mare. 16.1hh. Green but has a good quiet brain and wants to please you! Confidently cantering 2'3 courses with oxers and is ready to move up. Very sweet temperament! Beautiful gaits. Dressage, Eventing, Jumper, or Hunter.


This is a horse that an amateur in a program can develop into their next top show horse, she just needs time and exposure to new places!

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