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Allison Gilbert

Staci is a kind, patient trainer that has helped both my equitation and confidence grow in the hunter ring over the past year. Staci works with you to achieve your goals at the pace you want while enhancing your core dressage foundation. I learned something new in every lesson and have Staci to thank for my gaining confidence back as an adult amateur.


Stephanie Gardner

As a person who has had multiple trainers throughout 15+ years of riding I can honestly say that Staci Gust has been the best. My riding skills improved more in a year with her than in 5 years with another of my former trainers. She helped me move up into a higher level of jumping in the show ring as well. The skills I developed with Staci will stay with me for the rest of my riding career. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for instruction in the horse world.


Nicole Sunderman

Sterling Elite Sport Horses is run by some of the most dedicated and educated equestrians I have ever met. Staci Gust was my trainer for over a year before moving and opening this establishment- the training and instruction I received from her was incredible. She helped me find my heart horse and taught me more than I ever thought I was capable of. Sintia and Mike Raday put their horses and people first above everything. I could not imagine a better crew to entrust my horse to and Staci is the most incredible trainer I have ever had. The facility is beautiful and perfectly maintained, I would highly recommend Sterling Elite Sport Horses to anyone in the horse world.


Karen Jacobson

Staci Gust worked with me while I was using lesson horses at the barn. I was casually looking for a horse of my own and Staci found me the perfect match. I didn’t think I was ready but Staci just knew this was the horse for me. Five years later and Valeria is still my unicorn.

Thank you Staci Gust for putting in the effort to find me the perfect match.


Jayme Krstich

I trained under Staci Gust in the Hunter Division for quite a while until she unfortunately moved out of state. While riding with her I was thoroughly impressed with her skills as both a rider and trainer. She was patient and never once made me feel uncomfortable or unsafe as my confidence grew over jumps. Her ability to gain both mine and horses trust was something that I found inspiring! She is not only a great trainer but an amazing, genuine person/friend and I hope to one day be able to ride with her again. I can't recommend her and the Sterling Sport Horses enough!


Abi Nelson

I’ve known Staci for quite a while and she has always been patient and understanding but pushes you if you need it. She puts the horses first and makes sure everyone is happy. She is an excellent rider and trainer.


Samantha Ness

Staci is a phenomenal instructor and trainer. Short and simple. About a year and a half ago, I had hit a plateau in my mare's training and couldn't figure out how to get out of it. However, after just a few months with Staci, we got out of our training rut and my mare has now blossomed into an incredible partner in and out of the show ring.


She is very knowledgeable in so many different areas of the horse world and it shows in her riding and instructing. I've personally seen her take both horses and people whom others had given up on and she has turned them into amazing riders and horses.


And not only is she a great horse woman, but Staci also is a very kind and genuine person and makes it a point to make people feel like more than just clients and treats the horses as if they were her own. I would highly recommend Staci to anyone who is looking to become a better rider and partner to their horse and an all-around horse person.


Sydney Cruzen

Staci Gust is a talented horsewoman and teacher who builds her students into being not only skilled riders but competent horse owners and care takers. I was a student of Staci’s first in jumping and then in retraining an OTTB. She teaches in a way that builds your knowledge and won’t belittle you for the things you do not yet know. Staci is wonderful at teaching and coaching students in a method that they respond to and can understand. I was only able to be Staci’s student for a year but I learned more in that year from her than I had in a previous two years of lessons with other instructors. She loves her horses and her students, and it shows greatly. I would highly recommend Staci to anyone who wants to become not only a better rider in the show ring but also better in any environment with horses. You can learn a lot from Staci and will enjoy every second of it!


Monica Erickson

My daughter rode with Staci for a year, she also trained our ottb and did a fantastic job helping Savannah with her confidence in the saddle and Jet with his confidence over jumps. They had a great first year showing together and even took 6th place overall in a huge field of 20+ riders. Thank you Staci!


Marcus Carpenter

I have nothing but great things to say about Staci Gust and her ability to train and connect with her students. She trained my daughter Jadyn for over two years and during that time we saw her horsemanship and riding skillset grow exponentially. The consummate professional and friend, Staci simply has a way of getting the best out of her riders and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for solid lessons and/or show coaching. Staci, thank you for all that you have done, not only for Jadyn, but for all of your riders over the years. Your approach and style should serve as the gold star example for the industry!!

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